HP E5000 Microsoft Exchange Server

Design / Co-Build / 3D Modelling & Animation

The HP team liked my work on the Microsoft SQL Calculator, so they contacted the agency I was working for at the time and requested their own interactive microsite experience. By setting up this virtual company with virtual employees, we were able to demonstrate in an engaging fashion how the HP e5000 could solve other company's business challenges. This work was done at Metia (images and code are property of Metia and HP).

// Technology / Silverlight, Cinema4D


Cucina Casalinga

Design / Build / Branding

Logo, business cards, and website for Seattle-based Italian cooking teacher. The site uses page transitions, CSS animations, responsive (mobile-friendly) layouts, and a custom CMS so the cook can update her classes herself.

// HTML / CSS3 / JavaScript

Award Nominee

Microsoft SQL Server Tools

Design / Animation / Co-Build

The SQL Server team wanted a way to show how their product stacked up against the competition and to let business owners see how SQL would affect their business. This work was done at Metia (images and code are property of Metia and Microsoft).

// Technology / Silverlight

Web Marketing Award Winner!



Design / Build

A custom WordPress build designed from scratch and coded with custom HTML, PHP hooks, and CSS & JS scripts. To the layperson, that might not mean much, but trust me... It's pretty bad ass.

// Technology / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / WordPress

Award Nominee

vhcl website

Teleion Consulting

Desktop Redesign / Mobile Design & Build

I created a mobile version of Teleion's existing site to be compatible with iPhone and Android, but it is specifically optimized for Windows Phone since Teleion’s main client is Microsoft. I created the mobile site first and then applied the updated style to the existing desktop site resulting in a clean and consistent web presence across multiple browsers and devices.

// HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Furry Amore

Design / Development

Using WordPress, I built and designed this e-commerce website to match the existing branding of this pet sitting business. Customers can purchase products online and calculate shipping using UPS. The WordPress content management system allows the business owner to make updates on her own.

// HTML / CSS / WordPress / E-commerce

Fortress Financial

Design / Development / Branding

I designed and built this site using 'Resonsive Web Design' so that it will automatically adjust the content and layout to perfectly fit desktops, tablets, and phones.

// HTML / CSS / Javascript

Microsoft Mission Critical

Design / Co-Build / Branding

I created a new high-tech look for Microsoft’s Mission Critical offerings and designed a website with a highly interactive home page experience to highlight their proven success with large corporations and governments around the world. This work was done at Metia (images and code are property of Metia and Microsoft).

// Technology / Silverlight