WorldMark Experience

Art Direction / Design Lead / Branding / Video Editing / DVD Authoring

For some people who don’t want to buy a full WorldMark vacation ownership, the WorldMark Experience offers a trial membership that allows them a taste of what a full membership would be like. The materials I created reflected this experiential nature with a rotating wheel and die cut that revealed multiple vacation possibilities on both sides of the page. Small pages were placed throughout resembling a photo album further suggesting wonderful vacation experiences. The year these materials were introduced, the program yielded record sales.

Comcast Spotlight


A Seattle-based cable advertising company had a new set of brand guidelines but was having a hard time breaking from their old design habits. They wanted the new materials to redefine them as a dynamic, state-of-the-art, proactive company.
I used lively colors from their brand palette to convey energy and vision, and to represent the broad range of services they offer. The circles and arcs act as common themes throughout the design, which reinforce the visual identity from the logo.

Resort Postcards

Art Direction / Design

The members of WorldMark, the 3rd largest vacation ownership company in the US, are proud of their vacation properties and were tired of having to sending home generic postcards of the surrounding areas. This collection of 90 unique cards not only gave the people what they wanted, but also secretly doubled as beautiful direct mailers for the company as thousands of happy vacationers sent them to their friends and family. Each card features imagery of the specific resort and reflects the local flavor of the destination city on the front and a website address with purchase information on the back.

Nu Soltribe

Art Direction / Design

This ecclectic tribe of funk/soul musicians needed creative visuals to match their music and personalities. From space flight to Kung Fu, I created album and poster artwork that was as striking as their music.