Art Direction / Photography / Lighting / Photoshop

Trendwest had three employee of the month awards for which I would make a traditional portrait of the people and it would be displayed on the lobby wall. The problem with this was that most people were not excited about having their picture shot and displayed, so it was more of a punishment than a reward. My solution was to make a custom composite photo of the winners that would put them in any location or scenary they would like to be in. This concept and the resulting images completely re-energized the recognition program and made people actually want to have their picture taken.


Art Direction / Photography / Lighting

Over the years, I have shot thousands of portraits and quickly realized that the quality of the photo is mostly determined by the photographer's ability to quickly establish a connection with the subject. This is the challenge and the reward of portrait photography.



I have shot stills and video in all sorts of countries and in all sorts of conditions. I like to travel light with only one or two lenses and filters.